Doughbeezy - RB-KA-cover

You can’t call it a “comeback” if they never really left.

For Houston rapper Doughbeezy, the road back after being sidelined but not out of the game entirely has not been easy. Dough has seen his share of sights in the two years since Footprints on The Moon’s release. But when you’re stubborn, and when you understand that what you bring to the table makes you a bigger force than many in the city, you have the passion and persistence to get back to what you’re good at.

It was the Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid mixtape that, arguably, put Doughbeezy on the radar of many and laid the foundation for his ascendance. Today, nearly five years later, Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid‘s sequel arrives. The releases that paved the way to Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid 2 – the “Commas” and “Preach” freestyles – both make their way onto the 13-track effort. Dough keeps it Houston on the feature front for RB&KA2, with appearances from Bun B, to Jack Freeman, KAB tha Don, and Sauce Walka. Production, meanwhile, comes from the likes of Z Will, Bro Dini, Nate Coop, Sly Drexler, and more.

Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid 2 may be as personally cathartic for the rapper himself, as it is a triumph for his fans. Fans will appreciate that Doughbeezy is rapping at an intensity like never before, a darker tone in place at times (“Nothin’ Scary”) but his trunk-knocking sound hasn’t missed a step, either (“How I’m Feelin'” & the Starlito-assisted “Don’t Be A Fool”). But it’s cathartic for Dough because it reminds us that he’s still here, not Teflon but far from finished. From the “Intro” on which Doughbeezy tiptoes out before barking out “Yeah, I made it through the trials and all the tribulations!” to “Trust in My Gun” (which includes an audio clip of local news coverage on the home invasion ordeal Dough survived), he’s using his tragedy to make him better, stronger… and perhaps hungrier than ever.

Stream & download Doughbeezy’s Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid 2 down below by way of LiveMixtapes.

Doughbeezy - RB-KA2