Even though he’s been recording and stashing tracks for his upcoming Scott St. project, Marc Haize was stuck in an interesting predicament. The rapper recently celebrated his birthday and couldn’t figure out what to do. Kind of a weird thing to befall a rapper, especially one as beloved by friends and family as Marc Haize but that’s sort of what happens when you’re full of ideas and not one really sticks. So instead, Marc Haize locked himself in the booth and recorded until he couldn’t anymore in a massive bout of insomnia and creative energy. The result? Back In The Day (Scott St. Sessions) where Haize combs through a massive 13 tracks including interludes with DJ Auditory and Gene of II-XX, all within a 24-hour timeframe. True to Haize’s nature, Back In The Day (Scott St. Sessions) matches his sing-song rap flow with airy production that sound tailor made for a Sonic Adventures level and then some.

Here’s Haize’s thoughts on the creation of Back In The Day (Scott St. Sessions) and why he probably needs to go to sleep.

“I didn’t know what to do for my B-Day besides make music. I made this mixtape in less than 24 hours and haven’t slept or ate. I want to say a long birthday speech but I’m tired lol. But honestly I’m so thankful for all of my family and friends who support me. This is for you. My project “Scott St.” will be here in the summer. Thank you mom and Auntie Dana for your sacrifices for me to be able to see this day and to be able to have a dream. I’m confident they will all be realities soon. Thank You for all of the bday love. I sincerely appreciate it. This music is to show you that I’m still going SO HARD in this OMG this isn’t even Scott St! I’m 25 now so I don’t really have a choice lol. Feels like it was just yesterday I was skateboarding and chasing girls in Okinawa. If you want to give me a gift for my bday just hit the Share button. You don’t have to keep me a secret anymore lol. I still cuss a lot though. I’m sorry mom.

Randomly I was thinking… If I had one bday wish it would be to see my Uncle Derrick one more time. I’ll make sure you get to see me shine. R.I.P.

‪#ScottSt‬ Summer 16″