Depending on your state of mind, hearing Hi$ive’s all Northside everything collaboration with George Young in “Let It Ride” may make your day sunnier. It may make you want to hit the car wash and break loose for a little trip through the city. In Hi$ive’s case, “Let It Ride” is all about city pride, self-pride and isolation from all parties who are not and will never help contribute to his success. The Screw Trilla 2 single features the a rare George Young appearance, one of his first since Ventage detonated in the city two years ago and employs not just a big smoking section but plenty of minor homages to the city of Houston. Even here, in a city of four million people can you get cabin fever and want to break loose. Watch the “Let It Ride” video from Hi$ive below. Screw Trilla 2 is coming soon.