Even though my original thought for C.I.T.Y & Dave East’s “Monv Lisv” video would result in the Harlem rapper coming down south to shoot with C.I.T.Y, things are flipped when it comes to the actual clip. Tony Dark & crew join C.I.T.Y. and Dave in New York City as C.I.T.Y. gets to live out the “gritty NYC rap video” fantasy that you sometimes dream about when you’re a child of BET’s Rap City. Thanks to KojoFilms, “Monv Lisv” turns into a creative glimpse of NYC as the crew sit in Brooklyn, right near Marcy Av. and capture the vibe of the borrough. The non-gentrified version you heard about in the ’90s.

Watch the “Monv Lisv” video in full below. C.I.T.Y.’s brand new project, VIIthday is coming soon.