BeMyFiasco - Layers

Nearly three years have passed since Bianca Rodriguez released her first full body of work, the Solitude mixtape, a roller-coaster ride of emotions whose sounds stuck to R&B with occasional lapses into soft pop. Since then, the Dallas songbird has honed her sound, dropping individual tracks here and there with the expectation being that they might manifest into something.

Over the last few months, Rodriguez laid the foundation for her musical “rebirth” of sorts, rebranding herself “BeMyFiasco.” That rebirth came to a head Thursday, with the official release of her new EP, Layers. The project was executive produced by Rodriguez’s trusty producer Sir Tim and mixed by IshD.

“Layers” may refer as much to BeMyFiasco’s voice as much as it does to the EP’s actual content (which, in Rodriguez’s own words, is “a journey through the mind and emotional state of Fiasco”). There’s a range and confidence in BeMyFiasco’s chops that either wasn’t there before or has never sounded so clear until now. To be fair, its presence lurked within her recent singles (the sassy “Monday Morning Blues” and the slow-burning, seductive “Work On You,” both of which appear on the EP); but those were just appetizers.

The EP starts with the piano-driven “The Idea of Love (Possibilities),” propelled forward by BeMyFiasco’s beckoning refrain, “Tell me if I’m movin’ too fast, baby,” and persisting for four more tracks. Even the EP’s shortest track, “Devil’s Advocate,” is emotionally loaded, with its island-tinged groove and BeMyFiasco crooning on the hook, “Who’s gon’ save you? Who’s gon’ love you, like I do? (Nobody!)” It all comes together so smoothly that its thirteen minute run-length seems longer than it really is. Not that you needed a soundtrack if you plan on falling in love this spring, but Layers has you covered if you are.

Stream BeMyFiasco’s Layers EP for yourself down below, and buy the EP now at your own price here.