The first three samples on Lenny Chao$’ long-awaited, oft-delayed Peace X Chaos mixtape involve Santana’s “Oye Como Va”, Roy Ayers’ “Searching” and a quote from the 1984 movie Streetwise. All three predate the former Authentic Snoopy‘s entire existence. All of it predate his name change and new lease on life. Lenny Chao$ hasn’t looked back though. Three years into fatherhood and his name, Lenny Chao$ has toward the future, packing around three firmly established singles such as “We They Favorite”, “Stolen Gold”, “Foreign” and “Bringing Real Back”.

What one need realize with Peace X Chaos is that Lenny Chao$ does his hardest to avoid knocking around trap drums and creations of the sort to live in a lighter head space. Lenny Chao$ however understands that his crew, Authentic is a group of young heads that have pretty much watched Houston rap, underground and mainstream sprout, get gentrified and even more hyperactive & thugged out in the past six years. They know their leader hasn’t put out a full project in three years and figured life at times proved more and paid more than raps. But they know Lenny Chao$ can rap and craft a song, a quality that still remains a rarity in Houston. His guests on Peace X Chaos can do the same. BeatKing can rap about having white women in Katy. Tony Del Frescho can pull the world into his woozy two-step of clutched cell phones, retro fashion and pimp talk. T. Guy may have the most distinct voice of the three, a razzed croak that constantly feels urgent and yet, Lenny Chao$ is asked to be the cool one throughout. RedBluffYungin takes care of the bulk of production on Peace X Chaos, supplying Chao$ with a mixture of drum and snare heavy trampolines to leap off of along with sleepy, relaxed soundscapes to offer more wisdom than outright direction.

His best moment of asserted power comes on “Real Forever,” a siren that easily could sound like the opening notes to a horror movie. He doesn’t hide that his son is going to have mixed heritage and he’s not going to run away from the idea that sustained wealth should live in his household forever. That’s what he ultimately wants. His peace? Raising his son and pushing for a rap career that may deem profitable in more ways than one. The chaos? Living in between those moments ot even get there. Stream Lenny Chao$’ brand newalbum, Peace X Chaos below.