Art about home always hits a little harder. There’s something about that personal connection – when you’re singing not just about something that you’ve been through, but something that’s affected the lives of those around you and the people you care about, as well.

No one knows this better than Jon Connor. Though the Aftermath signee is a rising star who’s fast approaching the release of his major label debut album, Connor calls Flint, Michigan, home; and he’s all too familiar of the damage done by the current #FlintWaterCrisis. Although much progress has been made to raise awareness and continue relief efforts following the crisis being made public, there is always more work to do. Connor opted to put his frustration and anguish in a song, “Fresh Water for Flint,” which he debuted last month and even performed at the #JUSTICEFORFLINT fundraiser this past Sunday.

On Wednesday night, Jon Connor appeared on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore to talk about the water crisis and the need to continue to keep Flint on people’s minds. “Everybody deserves clean water,” Connor said while participating in the show’s roundtable discussion. “And I appreciate platforms like this who bring awareness to what’s going on. But when the hashtags are over, my mom still has to deal with this.”

Following the round-table, Connor performed “Fresh Water for Flint” before the live studio audience, joined on-stage by the song’s feature, Keke Palmer, adorned in all black and rocking braids. As images of the lives affected and of signs like “Clean Water is A Human Right” played out in the background, Connor delivered the song with a raw energy and blistering flow that was absolutely captivating.

Watch Jon Connor’s live performance of “Fresh Water for Flint,” featuring Keke Palmer, on The Nightly Show, up top.

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central.