After months of teases, cast reveals and more, the official Ghostbusters trailer is here to answer plenty of questions. Especially about why you shouldn’t be afraid of ghosts. There’s a Slimer appearance so that should automatically entice the old school crowd who enjoyed the first batch of films and the cartoons.

What you can easily gather from the debut trailer is that possession, something that wasn’t that big of a deal in the first two movies since they were essentially fighting supernatural villains (Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!). Ghosts don’t necessarily need to be supremely powerful entities now to possess people, they can jump into any human body and tinker with it at will. LEGO may have spoiled some of the movie and considering that Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin is given a very little bit of screen time, time will tell if he has to deal with a little Exorcism or two.

Plus, this Ghostbusters may take bits and pieces from the original (three white lead characters, one initially unsuspecting black one) but they’ve flipped it a bit. Kate McKinnon easily passes as the ‘Egon’ of the group, especially in her look. But, she appears to be the goofiest member of the squad, which puts her Saturday Night Live and excellent comedic timing chops to the test. She and Leslie Jones definitely will be the breakout stars of the movie. What else has changed from the original Ghostbusters? Outside of the obvious upgrade in special effects, the crew still managed to make a few things look real with actors, especially when it comes to Kristin Wiig getting slimed early on.

How will all of this pan out? Well, we’ll have to see when Ghostbusters arrives on July 15th.