Consider the angle you’re watching Dylan Cohl’s “Trap Bunkin” video. If you stare at it straight on, it’s Dylan Cohl moving through clouds of weed, a stack of money the size of a building block and watching neon lights bounce off his face. That would make the OG Danny Ocean directed visual for “Trap Bunkin” kind of short, right?

Well, take a look from this angle. Dylan Cohl is shifting through all these weed and money as a form of confession. There’s a woman dancing, having fun while Cohl raps along to the grooving beat. There’s another towards the end with a gun held aloft in the air. From this side, all of this could be taken as Dylan Cohl running through a bunch of thoughts in the face of potentially being shot in a trap house. Yes, females hitting licks would be something to consider. Cohl however has some resolve. Either he’s been through this before or he just feels like getting all this shit off of his chest before his potential robber makes a decision.

Or she could just be his hired hitter. You never really know. All you know is Dylan Cohl lives in a neon house, with plenty of money and ambition for more. Watch the “Trap Bunkin” video shot by Danny Ocean below. Cowboy Jones: 2000 & Beyond is available now and can be downloaded here.