The Outfit, TX operate as a group of marauders. They show up, take what they want and leave. It’s a strange coincidence that most of their records don’t necessarily lean on social politics or battling back against decades of southern rap stereotypes or the various degrees of black male plight. Or, maybe you just didn’t realize that plenty of their music deals with such topics and you just happen to be romanced by the subwoofer crushing bass lines and hard hitting drums.

“Look Into My Eyes” is more about respect than anything else. Over clashing drums and some gargled autotune from Stunt N Dozier, The Outfit, TX use most of the three minute cut to snake around with the chorus and if you’ve learned anything about the TOTX’s three man weave, you know Mel’s drawl is so embedded into their cuts that it may as well be another instrument. To stare directly is to offer a sign of respect, a sign of equal footing and “Look Into My Eyes” is The Outfit, TX and by a small extension Stunt N Dozier telling the world, “respect me or you’ll eventually respect this dick & these Nikes.” Stream the latest record from The Outfit, TX below.