Ever since Nina, the upcoming Nina Simone biopic, was first announced, the film has met its share of objections. While a film about the belated singer-activist was long-awaited and overdue even, the process behind it was nothing short of controversy. For starters, there was a white director – Cynthia Mort – attached to it. Then, Zoe Saldana was cast in the lead role. And THEN, there was the rumor that, in order to adequately look the part, Zoe Saldana would be wearing skin-darkening makeup… a rumor that was proven true.

In 2015, set photos of Zoe in her black-in-blackface surfaced on the internet. Netflix would release a documentary on the singer, What Happened, Miss Simone? (one which Simone’s daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly, executive produced in light of her own objection to Saldana’s casting) that seemed to be a more faithful portrayal of Nina and was even accompanied by a stellar “soundtrack” of covers. But because Nina would get a theatrical release, that more than anything else, mattered. And many hoped it would simply be forgotten.

That hope was shattered on Tuesday morning, when Nina’s theatrical poster released. And on Wednesday morning, Nina’s debut trailer landed on the internets, as well. Nina the movie is centered on the belated singer’s relationship with her nurse-turned-manager Clifton Henderson, and her attempts to redeem her career even as her self-destructive behavior threatens to destroy it. The trailer is funny, but not intentionally so. Saldana’s acting is serviceable, but her “blackface” makeup is painfully obvious and her accent seems almost forced. As mad as I’d like to be at Zoe for agreeing to it, I wonder if I should be madder at director Mort for allowing it to happen. There’s also this –

Watch the trailer for the Nina biopic up top and decide for yourself whether or not to protest it. Nina releases in theaters April 22nd.

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