How did we get here? How did we get to the last day of February and Donald Trump is going to seriously win the GOP nomination after rolling during the Super Tuesday primaries? You could say that a large section of America is tired of decades long bureaucrats who talk down to them as opposed to talk to them (a problem Bernie Sanders has with the “black vote”). You could even say that Donald Trump appeals to the sort of crowd that wants anarchy, the kind of crowd that will trust a familiar face just because he’s on television a lot and he talks big (and even curses from time to time).

Super Tuesday is tomorrow. Donald Trump, unless a minor miracle happens with Ted Cruz winning Texas or Marco Rubio actually winning a state is still going to be the frontrunner for the GOP nominee. Which means we’re looking at a Clinton vs. Trump election in 2016 and, holy shit is that terrifying. It’s even driven John Oliver to finally set his sights on Trump after he did what so many of us attempted to do but no longer can – ignore the red-faced toupee in the room.

Last Week Tonight has hit its stride already in season one, breaking down Ferguson, the NCAA and just last week, the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. And leave it to Last Week Tonight and John Oliver to deliver one of the best verbal fades to Donald Trump this entire political season.

Is Donald Trump honest? He pitches that rhetoric to his supporters, that he “tells it like it is” and that he’s “funding his own campaign” when in actuality, he’s lied plenty. He even lied about being asked to appear on Last Week Tonight. Oliver even asked his staffers if they even “accidentally” asked Trump on the show and they told him, no. Yet, Trump has told anyone and everyone via Twitter and other interviews that he’s been asked on Last Week Tonight “four or five times”. “I’m not even sure he knows he’s lying,” Oliver said. “I’m just sure he doesn’t care about what the truth is.”

From there, Oliver took aim at Trump’s consistent claim that he’s self-funding his own campaign and that he doesn’t have to bend to Super PACs in order to fulfill his want to be President. False. Trump hasn’t taken any corporate money, true but he’s actually loaned his own campaign money, which he can always pay back with — campaign funds, including $7.5 million in individual donations. Yes, people have given a man who (according to him) is worth $10 billion – $7.5 million.

Oliver couldn’t help but swing Last Week Tonight into wondering about Trump’s toughness, which is pretty much him being erect in front of a bunch of people yelling insults. Look deeper and guess what? All Trump’s bluster is mostly threats of lawsuits, which he never goes through on anyway. So, we’re certain that if Donald Trump wanted to actually follow through on a threat, he’d definitely be more like Drake before he hit the weight room after the alleged Puff Daddy fight. All talk, no fight.

Trump’s biggest appeal? His success, which mostly is broken down to two periods – his real estate business in the 1980s and his success on reality television with The Apprentice. All of it can be dissected and broken down and it just keeps going. Oliver dares anyone seriously considering voting for Trump, “a litigious serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a former Klan leader who can’t decide whether or not to condemn,” need to realize that Donald Trump The Brand isn’t Donald Trump The Man.

Oh, while he was cracking on Jon Stewart’s name change, an ancestor of Trump actually changed the family name from Drumpf to Trump. That’s right, we would have had Donald Drumpf.

We’re pretty sure this is all going to get back to Drumpf — I mean Trump at some point in time. By then, you can still go visit and learn more about the guy who the Grand Old Party has bought into on name value — and name value alone.

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