The Jay Z news front of the day is a rather peculiar one. First, the mogul and his streaming service TIDAL are facing a lawsuit from the American Dollar, a Queens, New York based band due to a claim that TIDAL streamed 116 of the band’s copyrighted songs without paying any royalties. The suit, originally reported by The Jasmine Brand also alleges that TIDAL uses flawed numbers in order to make payments to artists and possibly have sliced the money owed to artists by as much as 35 percent. Currently the American Dollar’s music is still available for streaming on TIDAL.

When TIDAL was first launched last March, the company along with its artists owners stressed that the platform would be the first of its kind to increase royalty payments to artists and pay them more than other streaming services. Since the launch, Jay Z has gone through many lengths to make sure the service is not only increasing subscribers but also engaging consumers. In a series of tweets last May, he stated that TIDAL would pay every artist, writer and producer featured on the streaming platform a 75 percent royalty rate, higher than anyone else in the industry.

The $5 million dollar class-action lawsuit from Yesh Music, LLC and John Emanuele from the American Dollar comes on the heels of Samsung reportedly in talks to buy TIDAL. Unlike other platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify, TIDAL does not release streaming stats to the public or even artists, according to the lawsuit. The rollercoaster first year for TIDAL has been an amazingly rocky one from accidentally sabotaging a rollout, having a string of successful exclusive concerts, keeps adding to its roster of artist-owners and being the only platform to host Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo, although its been downloaded illegally over 500,000 times since its release earlier this month.

The other Jay Z news that’s a bit interesting? He’s now managing DJ Khaled under the Roc Nation umbrella. Given the power of social media and Khaled’s Snapchat propelling him to heights even his music career hasn’t taken him, the news is not just a congratulatory nod to Khaled’s success in the digital media age but a hat tip to Jay Z’s attempt to remain “cool”, the one thing many believed he was banking on TIDAL to win with. Khaled’s gift for joining Roc Nation? The very last original Roc-A-Fella chain.

Khaled currently has a deal in place with Apple Music where he hosts his We The Best Radio show every Friday night.