Hard to believe, but a full year has passed since Hot Peez released his White Hall LP. The album, which effectively bridged the identities of the emcee as Louisiana-bred but Texas-residing, was easily one of the more refreshing releases of 2015. In honor of White Hall‘s “birthday” of sorts, Peez premiered a set of visuals for the fan-favorite cut off the project, “Cherish,” earlier this week.

“Cherish” was the first single from White Hall; so it’s somewhat ironic that it’ll be the last song from the album to get a music video. But Peez insisted he wanted to do “something special” with “Cherish,” especially since his belated grandfather Leroy Paul had a part in the song’s creation (the visuals themselves are dedicated to Peez’s “Paw Paw”).

That’s why “Cherish’s” video serves a dual purpose. It carries over the story from Peez’s last video, “Be With You,” by depicting the emcee reunited with his woman and spending time with (presumably) their little girl, though Peez leaves it up to the viewer to determine whose kid it is. But more importantly, with KOJO Films behind the lens directing and shooting Peez in his hometown of New Orleans, “Cherish” pays tribute to family – something the artist clearly holds dear – and reminds us to appreciate the time we have with them, while we have it.

Hot Peez’s White Hall album is out now.