DJ Premier x Kanye West - I Love Kanye

“I Love Kanye” is one of the gems on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo LP. It was a gem the moment it was first “premiered” during Kanye’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, and it stands out on TLOP as a half-skit, half-interlude in which Kanye is self-depreciating and self-conscious to the point of poking fun at himself. But as poignant as “I Love Kanye” was even in its brevity, it was missing something.

On Thursday, DJ Premier opted to add some flavor to “I Love Kanye,” dropping a “T.L.O.Preemix” of the track. Premier’s remake fits the theme of TLOP as a “gospel” album, incorporating thudding piano keys and record scratches in the background that sync perfectly with Kanye’s delivery. On the album, “I Love Kanye” is frantic, desperate even. The “T.L.O.Preemix” mellows it out some, so the interlude becomes a smooth funk hymn. If in fact Kanye is still finishing and tinkering with TLOP, Mr. West might want to consider putting Premier on the next version or even making a full “I Love Kanye” with this solid beat.

Stream DJ Premier x Kanye West’s “I Love Kanye (T.L.O.Preemix)” down below.