Don’t blink, a collaboration between Mannie Fresh, Juvenile & Lil Wayne with Birdman’s blessing occurred in 2016. The track is titled “Hate” and it features Mannie’s traditional Southern drag production, some vintage Lil Wayne non-sequiturs, Birdman championing all of it with a “Fresh, we back at it again” and Juvenile telling us he’s gonna “stay connected like the Wi-Fi”. How in the hell did we even get back to this point?

There’s been rumors, plenty of them about a potential Hot Boys reunion with Mannie on the boards producing the entire thing and “Hate” may be the first notice that those rumors are more factual than anything. “​I’ve put a lot of effort into making this track happen. I’ve always been the liaison between these guys, they took my word and put their trust in me in bringing everyone together for this hot track,” Mannie said about “Hate”. “You definitely can expect more from this project I’m about to drop with Mass Appeal Records. This is just the foreplay, you can expect the eargasm later.”

So to sum it all up, Fresh is on the beat, Juve & Weezy are hitting the verses and Birdman is talking cash money (no pun intended) shit to open and close. We may have reached 1998 again. Stream “Hate” from Mannie Fresh below and purchase the single on iTunes.