Rascal F. Kennedy - Better Than Them (f. LOE)

I’ve accepted that Rascal F. Kennedy’s rollout for his upcoming Diary of A Kool Kid project, is also intended to drive the point home how much he’s on Superman’s side in the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice film. For those of you keeping score, he’s already featured Bane on the artwork on Kool Kid’s lead single “Nemesis,” which also sampled the villain in the audio. Now, for his latest single, “Better Than Them,” it’s the Joker on the artwork, in a scene from The Dark Knight with a skateboard photoshopped onto his feet as he leaps over the fallen Bats.

“Better Than Them” is a cocky, self-assured song with a foreboding instrumental, the MTF Mob on the boards providing military-like drums, a warping beat and synths. Local Mo. City songbird LOE, as a feature, stands in stark contrast to Rascal. Where Kennedy’s rhymes are quick, with the emcee barely taking a breath between lines; the Blue Moon/em> singer slows things down on “Better Than Them’s” hook, changing the track’s tone even though she’s issuing a threat (“Don’t you come for me”).

Stream Rascal F. Kennedy’s “Better Than Them,” featuring LOE, down below. Rascal’s Diary of A Kool Kid mixtape drops March 11th.