In less than three minutes, Dallas artist KissedKilled & producer Larce Blake may have created the most ready for summer single available with “Come Home With Me”. Blake’s production here takes many shapes, light piano keys, a mid-tempo bass line and a mixture of flutes and notes to keep people engaged. KissedKilled is busy lusting and kissing over a Moroccan beauty, one that skips classes but still has one terrible ex that can’t seem to leave her alone. All he wants is her and the moody yet expressive record decides to encircle all those feelings for a brief moment. You can hear KissedKilled on “Come Home With Me” below. The mystery of KissedKilled is evident by his Soundcloud page, containing only four tracks and three of which came over a span of two years. Between the sexualized “Inn” and the sweeping moods that compose “Stunna”, KissedKilled does his best to twist his mystery in-between sex, relationships and keeping people at a distance. Perfect artist reasoning, one would assume. The buzzing Dallas artist has been tabbed as one of the 11 Artist to Watch by New Dallas Ltd and if “Come Home With Me” is any indication, its time for him to step from beyond his self created cloak of protection to blossom this year.