Caught in Beyoncé fatigue yet? Didn’t think so. In February alone the singer has released a new track “Formation”, performed said song at the Super Bowl, announced a world tour, incited plenty of dumb baseless controversy from conservatives (Rudy Guliani) and police leaders over “Formation”, gained support from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who said that the Fruit Of Islam would protect her during her world tour. All of it could be leading towards something bigger and more coveted by Beyoncé fans, a brand new album.

HitsDailyDouble that the singer is preparing to release an album in April, her final one with current label Sony and a collaborative effort with Jay Z.

Beyoncé is close to making a new worldwide, multi-album deal with Sony Music, and the final release under the current deal is now set for April. But there are rumors of another Beyoncé album in 2016, this one a joint project with husband Jay Z. Beyoncé’s star power is off the charts—her stadium tour sold out within hours after the Super Bowl promo, including two nights apiece in New York’s Citi Field and Chicago’s Soldier Field.

Multiple Twitter accounts dedicated to Beyoncé, including @TheBeyHiveTeam have been sleuthing recent Beyoncé collaborators such as Detail (“7/11”, “Drunk In Love”) and their work schedules while also letting it be known that there will be more to come in the future. “[An] Album movie, alternate “Formation” video edit, and an album that will overwhelm you just listening to it,” they wrote on Twitter.

Outside of this, the new Beyoncé album rumor could be just that, a rumor. We didn’t know anything about her 2013 self-titled album that managed to break plenty of records for her, nor did we hear anything about “Formation” when it dropped the day before the Super Bowl. Only that she was in New Orleans shooting a music video. For now, we still have “Formation” and all of the Messy Mya and Big Freeida adlibs to wave around with hot sauce in purses.