When you get new BeMyFiasco music, you sort of cherish it like a brand new gift. The Dallas based singer hasn’t released a whole lot in regards to her upcoming EP outside of last year’s pulsating “Monday Morning Blues” and a cover of Mary J. Blige’s “Secret Love Affair” but last night, fans got something. A song, wrapped in a bow with a provocative cover and a sentiment that love, both mental and physical was abound.

“Work On You” finds BeMyFiasco working with her go-to producer Sir Tim to craft another ode for a love making session, peeling back with isolated drums and a hypnotizing groove of keys and plucked strings. In a moment of submission, BeMyFiasco cares not for her own energy, long as she delivers everything she can to her lover in order to satisfy. Stream “Work On You” from BeMyFiasco. Her EP, titled Layers is set to drop next week.