Lucha Underground may be my second favorite wrestling program on Earth. Better yet, it probably is the best wrestling show on television since NXT occurs every week on the WWE Network. El Rey Network founder Robert Rodriguez lives in Austin, Texas. Absolutely loves and adores the place as it became the backdrop for some of his most famous films. You can kind of see where I’m going with this. It’s March in little less than five days, meaning SXSW is coming. SXSW is in Austin, Robert Rodriguez is from Austin, why would Lucha Underground not make an appearance at SXSW? Well, today we found out with a resounding yes that Lucha Underground was coming to SXSW – in more ways than one. It was just announced that there will be a Creation Of Lucha Underground panel on March 15th hosted by IWC favorite Brandon Stroud.

The Creation of Lucha Underground will focus on the formation of the high-flying, action-packed new wrestling franchise that has taken the wrestling community by storm. Speakers include Rey Mysterio Jr. (Wrestler), Eric Van Wagenen (Executive Producer and Show Runner), Dorian Roldán (League Owner), and Christina Patwa (El Rey Network). The panel will be followed by a live Lucha Underground event at Austin Music Hall on Tuesday, March 15 at 7:00PM, bringing the blood-pumping, chant-starting, fierce lucha libre drama and excitement to Austin.

That’s one thing, educating the people about the history of Lucha Underground and the history of lucha libre. That’s dope, but then there’s AUSTIN WARFARE taking place at the Austin Music Hall. Which is dope because Lucha Underground is hitting the road for the very first time and they’re doing it at the annual orgy of music, film, tourists, bad parking and more. The bad of it? It’s almost 100% full even though the event was just announced.

Attention Austin Believers – El Rey Network’s addictive, lucha libre wrestling series is coming to SXSW for a live event, bringing the blood-pumping, chant-starting, fierce lucha libre drama and excitement to Austin as the masked heroes and villains battle it out for wrestling supremacy. Join some of your favorite Lucha Underground wrestlers and experience the high flying action first hand as the blood pumping event leaves its LA Temple and invades Austin for one night only.


Now I’m super curious. Who’s on the card? Is Mil Muertes going to bring his death squad around? What about Prince Puma? Is Matanza (who, if you avoid spoilers is still locked in the OTHER Temple because he’s a literal damn monster) going to be there? What about Dario Cueto and Black Lotus? Has the second Temple actually being in Austin this entire time?!

I need to know. We’ll let you know if tickets are open to the public.