The last time we heard music from CharlieRED came almost three years ago with “On My Mind” and somehow we missed their cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed & Confused”. Since then, Cobaine Ivory & Chauncey Sherod have spent time doing solo things, traveling the world and setting up shop in different avenues. All that changes a bit as CharlieRED reunites for a cover of James Blake’s 2013 single, “Retrograde”.

What differs between Blake’s version and CharlieRED’s version is that Sherod & Ivory combine the swoop of New York City boom bap to the original, while keeping Blake’s melody and tempo alive. More than two years since their MUSE project was released, CharlieRED seems to be picking and choosing what records they want to cover. Adding layers of NYC sentiment to “Retrograde” is merely par for the course with them. Stream “Retrograde” from CharlieRED below and let’s keep our fingers crossed for new material for them.