On the 22nd day of February, Rihanna debuted the “Work” video. On the 22nd day of February, Rihanna once more reminded us why the Barbadian beauty is a) full of sex appeal b) unmistakable confidence and c) a pop music machine. Director X went back to his native Toronto for the “Work” video, bridging the city’s lengthy history with reggae, dancehall and more with the man who knows the city the best, Drake, and his once rumored flame who by all accounts still has a piece of him.

To say this may have been the smoothest piece of the ANTI rollout would be an understatement. All Director X had to do was hark back to another basement party turned legendary night, Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” in 2002 that inspired plenty of knockouts in parties across the country for “Work” and he pulled it off. Rihanna is a femme-fatale, Drake does his best to hold off the Bajan goddess as much as possible and everyone at the party has a fun time. Things do take a turn however in the Tim Erem directed portion of the video where it’s just Drake and Rihanna. In a room. And Rihanna is pretty much looking like the type of woman whom you call your wife about and tell her that you’re not coming home again.

The response to the “Work ” video may be the best news for the now 28th year old Rihana. She recently had to adjust several dates of her ANTI world tour due to “production issues”, was forced to cancel a performance at the GRAMMYs last week due to bronchitis. Still, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and could easily make all of us bite our fist whenever she walks into a venue.

Or look exactly like Drake did trying to keep his composure. Watch the “Work” video now and practice all of your wine moves while you do.