At what point do you realize that your best strength is bringing people & ideas together? That’s kind of what DJ Young Samm has been for Houston. He’s paired together groups (Break Dem Boyz Off), shot documentaries for Slim Thug and the occasional single for his favorite singer Tiaramy. In a nutshell, DJ Young Samm is an underrated figure who doesn’t scream or boast the same way as one may think he should. It’s why he may have his name on a record like “Got DamN” with strip club mainstays BeatKing, D-Bando, Fat Pimp & Lil Ronny Motha F but not even feel like the most consistent part of it.

Well, that last sentece isn’t true. DJ Young Samm produced “Got Damn” so his xylophone stabs and repeatedly punched snare drums and 808s are what control the party. BeatKing only shows up for the chorus and D-Bando, Fat Pimp and Lil Ronny Motha F all take turns discussing either a woman or their own personal shifts in life. Fat Pimp may want to hit TSU, Lil Ronny may want to slap box to prove a point. D-Bando knows a girl so bad that everybody wants to sleep with her. BeatKing just knows plenty of women who want to shake their ass and own their agency. DJ Young Samm essentially made a Texas strip club anthem on steroids with “Got Damn”. Hear it below.

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