The Bellator 149 card in Houston last night was composed of two grudge matches. One involving Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie and the other involving DawgFight legend Dada5000 & fellow Miamian and former YouTube knockout king Kimbo Slice. Both fights ended in rather odd circumstances, both by knockout but the end to the Dada5000 vs. Kimbo Slice fight had more grave consequences.

After the fight, which Kimbo won in the third round, Dada5000 stayed on the mat with paramedics and a stretcher having to be called to the ring. Following the fight, news became more grim as Dada5000 (born Dahfir Harris)’s heart stopped.

Bleacher Report’s Jeremy Blotter updates us with more:

Most of the fight between Kimbo & Dada5000 was slow paced, both men clocking in as heavyweights. Cardio and stamina has always been a problem for Slice in fights and it was clear from the onset that both he and Dada5000 thought the fight wouldn’t last more than a minute. During the weigh in, Harris weighed at 265 pounds, the maximum weight for a heavy. It’s unclear if Dada reached that number in camp after coming in 40 pounds overweight or cut all 40 pounds in the days before the fight.

While the younger half of the Bellator card offered up plenty of promise, the latter half offered far more scarier consequences for all parties involved. Bellator definitely wanted to make a splash in MMA and their booking has been rather solid by acquiring more top level talent such as Benson Henderson. It’s unclear how their booking is going to go after this but we hope that Harris has a speedy recovery.