As much flack as we’ve given a certain Chicago rapper for his social media gaffes and snafus, Azealia Banks may have begun the trend of pressing send at the wrong time, whether it be on social media or on airplanes. But that’s her, constantly in attack mode, constantly pressing buttons and always reminding us that behind all of her Twitter moments of hellfire and brimstone, she gave us something special with “212” and Broke With Expensive Tastes. Today, Banks released “The Big Big Beat” and it sucked everyone into a vortex of house music with a Biggie sample so lacerated that pieces of it fit all over. What “The Big Big Beat” gets is that hip-hop and house music are pretty much brothers in arms. The sounds are always geared to be tighter and to stretch further than what could be imagined. Banks reduces the beat to putty, offering an opening verse that’s biting as a New York winter along an angelic hook. Yeah, that’s Azealia Banks for you. Stream “The Big Big Beat” below.