Just weeks ago, Majid Jordan released their self-titled debut album, a woozy electronic mix of ’80s like synths and lurching, even fluttery R&B. The bad side to that is the album barely registered a dent on the Billboard 200 charts, and that’s with the OVO stamp of approval. To call Majid Jordan a “flop” is pretty weird considering that unlike plenty of album rollouts, there was no major network TV performance, no singles slotted into radio play or anything. Majid Jordan’s rather great album was overshadowed by the story the duo told about working in a proverbial tent city to provide Drake with hits.

“They basically put us in the studio, it was like a studio camp almost, there were tents in there – ‘make beats, stay in the dungeon, you cannot leave. You can’t tell anyone you’re working on this project.’ Literally tents…real tents in the vocal booths, everything. I slept in a tent in the studio. So we’re making beats for a few months…”

The Hot 97 interview had more buzz than the album, an unfortunate situation since it brought more attention on Drake rather than the duo who broke through with their guest appearance on “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. Which brings us back to “Learn From Each Other”, their latest single and the one that has a brand new video to it. Inside of a restaurant, Majid Al Maskati finds himself sitting with his date who then gets on stage and performs his song to him. It’s cute but at the end of the night, it seems that all the cuteness is fleeting.

Majid Jordan may make a ton of great things down the line. Calling their initial album a flop works under the same metrics of thinking they’re a massive act. They aren’t. By comparison, Anderson .Paak, a songwriter & singer who’s cutting his teeth in the same vein they are released Malibu only weeks before Majid Jordan’s album hit the charts. He debuted at no. 79. Majid Jordan’s debut? 69. Both acts are dope and are touring all over the country.

The OVO duo may be considered internet darlings but it’s far too early to stamp or label them as something else. Watch their “Learn From Each Other” video now. Majid Jordan will be hitting the road for a mini North American tour that begins in March.