Gee Watts’ voice has gotten sharper and more direct as the days pass. The more distance he creates from potentially having his life over behind a jail cell, the more he raps with the kind of hardened purpose that would send someone to the top. He’s Andy Dufrense in the rain in Shawshank. What he learned on the streets of Kansas City won’t be applauded by an award or even any kind of trophy. The only trophy he got in Kansas City while watching others like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West keep pushing for success at the musical summit? Another day to breathe and start all over. That’s why cuts like “Grammys” continue to propel Gee Watts to the next level.

When I first heard “Angels In The Hood” three years ago, Gee Watts was proving how poignant and sharp his pen was. Three years later, he’s possibly even sharper, dealing with imagery and rapping about everything near him in 1080P high definition. “Coming up we weren’t worried about winning no motherfuckin’ Grammys,” his latest record produced by Mike Hurst and Bam Keith begins. Watts through a smoked out minor rasp admits to thinking about survival far more often than shining, more than stunting and definitely more than standing on a stage in Los Angeles watching someone else take an award they may not have deserved.

“Grammys” is the second single from Watts’ upcoming CaviART project and its a piano ready number that underlines what Watts’ ultimately wants out of this rap thing. There’s a constant joke with some basketball players that they “can’t go back” to what they’ve seen before. Gee Watts is the same way. He knows that his saving grace is doing music and being as honest as possible about it. The other route? Back to the blocks in Kansas City, putting his freedom in peril once more. He remembers when he sold his first gram and deep in his heart, he knows it’s the last “first gram” he ever wants to sell.

Stream “Grammys” from Gee Watts below.