Let me tell you a story. One you probably don’t want to hear, but definitely need to. Rhymes filled with passion, pain, love, struggle, triumph and defeat. A true hip-hop artist to my core, I rap about my life experiences… Whether it’s singing or rapping, I’m guaranteed to deliver a picture for your mind through my words.

This is the promise J.U.S Lyric offers on his Soundcloud page for both fans and new listeners alike. Born Josh Johnson, the young emcee is probably more well-versed than anyone, on how difficult it can be to break out as a rapper in Houston. He’s already performed on stage with BeatKing, and he was a finalist in last year’s Coast2Coast showcase (the same showcase that, arguably, put on local spitter-creative OneHunnidt); he’s also aligned himself with Houston production house Musical Medicine. But getting noticed is only half the battle. How do you diversify yourself so that you sound different enough from everyone else, to be heard?

J.U.S Lyric hopes that the material and the message he brings, will make him unique amidst the very crowded Houston rap scene. Look no further than “Jim Crow,” the lead single from the rapper’s upcoming J.U.S The Beginning EP.

J.U.S Lyric creatively flips one thing and turns it into something else. We know Jim Crow to be the period of segregation that defined 20th-century America. For J.U.S, on the other hand, “Jim Crow” merges a potent conscious message with the desire, the need even, to stand out. “I play the role, ’cause that’s the way this shit go,” J.U.S Lyric declares defiantly on the track’s hook, his flow a perfect complement to King 6eorge’s thumping beat and its background bassline. “Separate myself from you niggas – call it Jim Crow!”

Stream J.U.S Lyric’s “Jim Crow,” produced by King 6eorge, down below. As an added bonus, you can also check out “Academic Stripper,” the rapper’s trap-driven tale with Qipp Smithers about a “lowkey girl from class” that he randomly spotted in the shake joint one night, down below as well. J.U.S Lyric’s J.U.S The Beginning EP touches down February 26th.