Lianne La Havas - Fairytale

On Friday, Lianne La Havas released the BLOOD: Solo EP, her follow-up of sorts to her recent Grammy-nominated BLOOD album. For those still sleeping on the gorgeous songbird or if you’re new to the artist, however, La Havas has partnered with Spotify to allow for a free stream of the EP guilt-free.

Propelled forward by lead single “Fairytale,” BLOOD: Solo is seven tracks deep and composed of mostly “solo” reissues of select tracks from BLOOD, including a stripped-down remake of La Havas’ solid “Green & Gold” single. The material may not be new but BLOOD: Solo offers a great way to better enjoy Lianne’s voice – unfiltered and unrestrained, so that her high notes (which shine out on “Glow”), runs (“Midnight” is undeniably smooth), and soothing vocals (on intro track “Unstoppable”) sound perhaps better than they ever have before.

Stream Lianne La Havas’ BLOOD: Solo EP for yourself down below. And be sure to catch La Havas in action later tonight at the 58th Grammy Awards on CBS.