A night after Aaron Gordon & Zach LaVine pulled off the single best duel in the history of the Dunk Contest, Canadian Jordan Kilganon used a segment during a timeout of the 65th NBA All-Star Game to prove he may have actually pulled off the best dunk of the weekend.

Sure, Gordon going under his legs while jumping over a 7-foot mascot one of the more insane things of the weekend. Yes, Zach LaVine hitting a between the legs dunk from the free-throw line eventually won the contest. But unlike LaVine & Gordon, Jordan Kilganon is only 6’1″ and has enough bunnies to clear a grown man, catch a ball from said man and throw down a “Scorpion” dunk.


Want to know how insane Jordan Kilganon’s dunk was to the pros? The reaction photo from Dwyane Wade and company should be proof enough. Though the NBA wouldn’t do it, a pro-am between NBA dunkers and street ballers would be rather impressive to see. Especially considering Kilganon pulled this off in f*cking jeans and a tucked-in T-shirt.