DJ Chose is from small town, Texas. His mentality hasn’t been small for quite sometime however as the “Everywhere I Go” rapper has taken the long path to make sure he was a long way from Village Way. “Stayed next to the dope fiends, small town big dreams,” he sings on “Superstar”, the opening cut from A Long Way From Village Way where he tacks on his breakthrough buzz single at the end and dares critics to judge the meat of the tape head on. Chose’s hook & verse mentality has always mixed brevity with one or two cutting lines to ring listeners in. Which is why A Long Way From Village Way plays up to current Top 40 aesthetics, bright production, plinking and shimmering from synths all the way to the drums and Chose offering breathy, mantra like posture at every turn. Stream A Long Way From Village Way below via LiveMixtapes.