In general, NBC’s Saturday Night Live doesn’t always land its jokes. When they fall flat, they really fall flat. But when the skits hit, they’re usually laugh out loud hilarious and enough to remind you that Lorne Michaels and company do still have a few witty bullets left in the chamber.

After reviving “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for Larry David’s Bernie Sanders last week, SNL tackled the outrage and overwhelming nitpicking and thinkpiece-ing of Beyoncé’s recent “Formation” single. Taking a cue from its “The Beygency” skit two years ago, SNL‘s writers played upon the general (white) public’s reactions to Beyoncé’s “unapologetically Black” single by creating a trailer for a faux horror movie, “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.”

With guest host Melissa McCarthy starring, the trailer pokes fun at the panic, shock, and even disgust prompted by “Formation,” with the slightest of jabs to Kerry Washington and rival network ABC and one-liners that are funnier than you might expect them to be (“She can’t be Black! She’s a woman!” “Unless… she’s both!”).

Watch the Saturday Night Live skit for “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” up top.