LOE - Ghost

Oh, you thought LOE was done for February? Yeah, so did we. The Missouri City-hailing songstress dropped off her Blue Moon album just over a week ago, and while that LP is still getting burn (word to “How Long Has It Been”), “Bazooka” LOE has more ammo in the chamber. Look no further than the newest loosie from LOE, “Ghost.”

Asa Davis is on the boards for “Ghost,” infusing the track with a beat that’s downright hypnotic. Davis’s instrumentation adds depth to “Ghost,” employing a employs its beat changes- it fades to a whisper starting at the 2:13 mark and then comes back with chops and synths that swing back and forth like a metronome at 2:43, for example, and lets its thudding drums kick for the final fifteen seconds. Fittingly, LOE’s haunting vocals propel “Ghost” as much as its instrumental does. There’s a huskiness to LOE’s voice on the nearly five-minute song, a combination of passion and longing as only LOE knows how to combine the two.

Stream LOE’s “Ghost” track for yourself down below. LOE’s Blue Moon album with NEDARB NAGROM, in case you missed it, is out now on iTunes.