Gucci Mane’s long stint behind the bars of a U.S. Federal Prison are set to be coming to an end pretty soon. The rapper, who recently celebrated his 36th birthday has been held at the U.S. penitentary in Terre Haute, Indiana for quite sometime. His release date however has been shifted from March 2017 to September of 2016, September 20th to be exact.

According to journalist Neil Martinez-Belkin, a search of the Federal Bureau of Prisons displayed an updated release date for Gucci who was arrested in 2013 on firearm possession charges and pled guilty in order to avoid a larger sentence. His label, 1017 had originally posted that the rapper would be released in February of this year but that information proved to be incorrect.

Since his incarceration, Gucci Mane has been prolific. The 1017 boss has released at least one project a month including sequels to East Atlanta Santa, Brick Factory and more. He’s become a folk hero, inspiring rappers such as Dallas act G.U.N and Young Thug, whose own rapid ascent and over-saturation of the market could be at least vaguely attributed to Gucci’s blessing.

In a March 2015 feature for Noisey, David Drake wrote about Gucci, “The reason Gucci inspires so much writing here has to do with the nature of his art—that its impact has been so massive, yet operates by different rules, its relationship with its fans so historically unique. Though his albums have sold respectably, they haven’t touched the numbers of rappers like Lil Wayne or Drake. Yet he became about as huge as a street rapper could be without ever transforming into a mainstream star.”