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Freddy Inglewood might not take any days off, but he knows a thing or two about love.

The Houston spitter who goes by the shortened moniker “FreddyING,” in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, opted to release a freEP, #SongzAboutHer. Coming on the heels of Freddy’s #NoDaysOff mixtape last November, #SongzAboutHer is just as brief, clocking in at six tracks deep. The EP bears features from Rocky Banks and C (on the traptastic slow jam “Come Over”); production, on the other hand, is handled by AmaruTMN, Esta, LowKey, Michael Manchester, and a few others, including Inglewood himself.

#SongzAboutHer is a showcase of aural artistry as it is of FreddyING’s own vocal versality. “Come Over” seemingly takes cues from Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreaks with its robotic R&B groove. “All Night” takes different shapes and forms over the course of its four-minute length, consistently pulsating and sounding like an audio gumbo. And carnival-carousel-esque tinkling keys set the stage for Freddy to exchange verses (and employ a whine on the bridge that rivals Keith Sweat’s) with Rocky Banks on the smooth cut “Topic.” It all sounds good, but beneath the beats, FreddyING has a story to tell. He vents, pines, and soberingly reflects (on “Longway,” the rapper insists, “No matter what happens, just know that I love you), and each cut is deeper than the one before.

Stream FreddyING’s #SongzAboutHer EP down below.

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