Leon Bridges’ ascent has been monumental to say the least. A year ago, I viewed the Fort Worth born singer was a name to remember, a figure who crafted retro-soul with a polish that seemed to have existed decades before he was even thought of. The marriage of that soul, his boyish personality and Texas charm has helped Bridges earn Grammy nominations for his Coming Home album, including nominations for Best R&B Album.

Bridges’ ascent sort of matches that of Squarespace, the web design platform that has coupled sleek design with functionality. When Squarespace found out that Bridges had used their platform in order to create his own website, the seeds were planted for the two to collab. Bridges’ Squarespace ad for the Grammys which premieres on Monday can be seen below. Squarespace worked in conjunction with Austin based marketing firm Preacher.

The Grammy spot is the third major Squarespace ad to be seen in 2016 alone following the Golden Globes as well as a Super Bowl spot featuring Keegan Michael Key & Jordan Peele.”We are always looking for ways to highlight our amazing customers so when we learned Leon Bridges was a Squarespace user, we knew we had to tell his story,” Chief Creative Office David Lee said in a press release. “Our new campaign launches during the biggest night in the music industry and we hope it inspires others follow their passion and create something beautiful on Squarespace.”

Preacher founder and COO Rob Baird agreed with Lee’s sentiments. “We partner with Squarespace to identify and activate collaborations with the most inspiring artists and cultural properties today, and help bring their ideas to life in a way only Squarespace can,” he said. “Essentially, Preacher takes the brand’s deep commitment to talent and puts it to work. We do that by building content, experiences, and Squarespace websites to then beautifully host each project, always staying true to the artist’s unique vision.”

Watch the Squarespace Grammy spot with Bridges below. The 58th GRAMMYS air on CBS Monday night at 8 PM EST.