Ever since HBO first broke news of Confirmation, its made-for-TV biopic based on the 1991 Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill sexual harassment scandal that almost cost Thomas his Supreme Court nomination, the film has been one of the most anticipated events of 2016. In the months past, HBO quietly teased the upcoming film with images of Kerry Washington as Hill and network mainstay Wendell Pierce as Thomas. But there had never been any actual footage of the movie just yet.

Until now.

On Friday afternoon, HBO released the official “Long Lead Tease” trailer for Confirmation. Though only a minute in length, the trailer suggests plenty of drama and suspense. It also reveals amongst its cast Jeffrey Wright, Jennifer Hudson, Eric Stonestreet, and Greg Kinnear as then-Senator (and present day Vice-President) Joe Biden, who was Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee during Thomas’s confirmation hearings. Off visuals alone, Washington looks a dead ringer for Hill, and with such a loaded cast, Confirmation might be a must-watch this Spring.

Confirmation premieres on HBO April 16th.