Yesterday, Kanye West had a fashion show. Things happened. Young Thug was there. An entire piece was written about him being a “fuccboi” and that the show was going to “fuccboi heaven”. Then The Life Of Pablo was played during the fashion show. While that was cool, it left fans wondering where was the actual CDQ of The Life of Pablo. Nevertheless, Kanye West does what he wants when he feels like it. So today in a tweet amid a series of them defending calling Taylor Swift and his wife a bitch on The Life of Pablo, he wrote, “Now that the album is finally finished it’s back to Good Fridays” and dropped “30 Hours”, a brand new record where he’s just as much a cocksure asshole that wants to be loved as ever. It’s dark in some spaces, super insular in others and at least Kanye lets us know his morning diet consists of veggies, the gym (forget a leg day) and some sex with his wife.

“I remember rapping for Jay & Cam, young producer tryna get his flows off, I remember being nervous doing Victoria Secret until I pictured everyone with their clothes off,” Kanye raps on “30 Hours” while mimicking Nelly’s “E.I.” and waxing thoughts on Waffle House dates, models and his exes, who according to him had life much, much better when they were with him. Alright ‘Ye. Stream “30 Hours” below.

Also, The Life of Pablo is getting mastered and will be released today along with a few more tracks. One hell of a grand experiment for an album rollout.

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