You have no idea what it means to have… NOTHING!

These are the opening words in the second official trailer for House of Cards upcoming fourth season. Unlike the first trailer for the hit Netflix series – depicting President Frank Underwood addressing the nation from his comfy seat in the Oval Office – this second trailer shows Frank focused on his re-election even as he avoids distractions, the foremost of which is his now-estranged wife Claire.

Though it’s only a minute long, the trailer offers a glimpse of what Season 4 has in store, from campaign spots, to Frank finding Claire lurking at every turn. Seeing as how this is the last season with series creator Beau Willimon involved (but not yet the final season for the series itself), you can bet that House of Cards will take its token wit, sex, violence, and Underwood quotables to a higher level than ever before.

Watch the newest House of Cards Season 4 trailer up top and don’t make any plans for the first weekend of March, as it lands on Netflix March 5th.