Batman v Supes_final

I know, I know. The man of the hour is Deadpool, who makes his Marvel Films debut in theaters this weekend (or tonight, if you’re bout that midnight showing life). But DC and Warner Bros. don’t want you to forget that they’ve got next on the 2016 comic book movie lineup. With Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice dropping next month, Warner Bros. unveiled the movie’s “final” trailer this morning.

The two-minute trailer gives a bit more of the spotlight to Ben Affleck’s Batman than any of the previous trailers thus far, with Alfred (Jeremy Irons) at one point piloting the Batwing to deliver Bats to an enemy hideout. There’s also the action sequence of Bats fighting baddies that’s a damn-near perfect live action re-creation of the Freeflow Combo system from Batman: Arkham Knight, and Bruce Wayne’s meeting Wonder Woman at a formal ball prior to her reveal. Not to mention that the trailer ends with Super Suit Bats (paying homage to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic) FINALLY appearing to be some kind of match for the Man of Steel.

Watch the final trailer for Batman V. Superman down below. The film releases March 25, 2016.