Remember the end of Daniel Bryan’s retirement special on RAW Monday? Remember when Titus O’Neil looked to have playfully grabbed Vince McMahon, who then pushed him back? Well, apparently Vince didn’t like it too much. According to PWI, the former Florida Gator and Dad of the Year was sent home from the WWE Smackdown tapings in Portland, Ore due to the incident and suspended for up to 90 days due to what the WWE determined to be “unprofessional conduct”.

That’s right, 90 days for putting his hands playfully on the boss.

As WWE talents returned to the back, O’Neill grabbed WWE owner Vince McMahon by the arm in what was described to us as in a “playful, physical way.” McMahon responded by shoving O’Neil away. McMahon’s shove of O’Neill actually made it onto the final seconds of the broadcast.

We are told that McMahon was angry at being grabbed and that led to the suspension. There was also a feeling that O’Neil probably picked the wrong time to act in such a manner, given that it was a farewell for Bryan.

When O’Neil arrived at Smackdown last night, he was informed he was going sent home. The word making the rounds is that the suspension could be for upwards of 90 days. That would put O’Neil out of action through May, which means he would be missing Wrestlemania 32.

Here’s a .gif of the incident, courtesy of UPROXX. Most who saw the live broadcast thought of it as a playful incident but apparently now. It’s been edited out of all the Daniel Bryan tribute packages on the company’s various social media platforms as well as on the WWE Network. We’ll keep you posted if anything else changes with Titus and how his Que Dawg barks won’t be on the WrestleMania telecast.

UPDATE (2/11): O’Neil’s suspension has been reduced from 90 days to 60 days according to PWI. He’ll now return to the company around mid-April, which still means he’s off the WrestleMania 32 card in Dallas.