Either it’s yearly or bi-yearly but I find myself always having a conversation about Killa Kyleon. Not because Killa’s one of the more stubborn in a good way rappers that Houston has ever presented but because that talent has seemed to translate into Killa Kyleon being comfortable with himself. Around the time 30 Days 30 Deaths dropped last year, a conversation with Kyleon pretty much went as follows. “I’m comfortable with the fans I’ve got, the diehards that I’ve convinced to follow me since Boss Hogg Outlawz to now.” I’m paraphrasing but that’s Killa’s motto. He’s not stopping so he’s not exactly at emeritus status in Houston hip-hop but he’s also the physical personification of a sling blade. Lay a beat in front of him, he’ll read it its rights and then drop a sixteen in from of execution.

Kyleon’s Blessed To Raise Hell album drops on Friday. To commmemorate the event, we’re finally getting a lead single from the project, “The Grind” with two other notable spitters in Styles P. and Freddie Gibbs. Along some sleazy guitar work that bends like a Cadillac glowing on a Wednesday night, Kyleon, Styles & Gangsta Gibbs all take turns either thanking the Lord for the opportunity or flat out swinging at your chin with hardened lyrics. The only light thing about “The Grind” is Raheem DeVaughn’s chorus. Everything else? Two in the morning in January winter type of bone cold.

Stream “The Grind” from Killa Kyleon, Freddie Gibbs, Styles P. & Raheem DeVaughn up top. Pre-order ,Blessed To Raise Hell on iTunes now. The album releases February 12th.