How has this Martin Shrkeli thing gone on for so long? To recap, Martin Shrkeli is the same individual who bought Wu-Tang Clan’s mythical album for $2 million. He’s the same Wall Street hedge fund manager who also thought he could bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail and also raise the price of a particular HIV drug that was $13 to $750, which was 1980s prices. Since then, he’s threatened to slap Ghostface Killah with his own goons, appeared on The Breakfast Club and has pretty much done his best to be America’s new super villain.

Well, we thought it was over. Until Ghostface responded today with another video, chiding Shrkeli’s goons as “Snap, Crackle & Pop”, referring to Shrkeli as a “fake, Peter Pan”. It’s funny. Then it turns dead serious as Ghostface brings his mom and two other women into the frame to discuss their health issues, including one woman who dealt with a brain tumor and thanked Ghostface for his WuGoo helping her battle it without health insurance. It gets emotional towards the end but the early half of it, where Ghostface tells you that his middle knuckle is bigger than any of his other knuckles? That’s pure Ghostface. It might be 11 minutes but its a perfect 11 minutes.

Naturally, Shrkeli has responded.