Well, you could call this a surprise release. -topic, one of Dallas’ more unsung names and one of the main heads in Team From Nowhere has released a full length project under the shroud of mystery to the public. It’s titled My Favorite Sweaters and it’s available under the Proud 2 Pay system on Bandcamp.

“Good like my mama’s Fried Chicken,” Topic exclaims on My Favorite Sweaters lead track, “Remember Me”. The 18-track project features guest verses from -topic’s Team From Nowhere crew in Donny Domino & Freddy Sans along with varied production from an hellacious guest list in bsd.u, DeDunamis, Flying Lotus, IAMNOBODI, Kay Franklin, MNDSGN, MNDSTRMKK, Moonchild, S.F.T., ShunGu, Silent Jay & Paul Bender, Taylor McFerrin, Tek.Lun & Weirddough. With some of the names listed, you’d believe -topic was a secret member of Brainfeeder. Considering he ended 2015 as a guest on Bobby Sessions’ breathtaking “Peyton Manning” single, -topic’s been planning this for a while. He wants you to indulge as well. Stream My Favorite Sweaters from -topic and company below.