Daniel Bryan took to Twitter to announce his retirement. No fake outs, no gasps, no swerves. He’s going to be on RAW tonight to announce plain and simple, Daniel Bryan is hanging up his boots and I’m legit sad.

We know the medical drama that has faced Bryan for the past two years, that his biggest night at WrestleMania XXX eventually got overshadowed by nerve damage in his arm and then concussions. He’s practically wrestled maybe five matches in the past two years and all of it has been a mess, not just from a fan’s perspective but from a business side too. Once the WWE finally figured out how to market Daniel Bryan, the bottom fell from underneath them. The Yes Movement, the insane T-shirt sales, the fact that his mere absence or early elimination helped hijack two Royal Rumbles … Daniel Bryan meant something.

Now with a shaved beard and Super Bowl commercials representing Tide, I don’t know anymore. He’s been training to get back in somebody’s ring if the WWE wouldn’t clear him and now he’s gone. It’s all over.

The American Dragon, has left the building.