No food chain has had a worse run of things more than Chipotle. Today, the nationwide burrito and tacos chain is shutting down until 3 p.m. local time across the country for a meeting about food safety. A lot will be covered in the four hour meeting including how to bounce back after an E.Coli outbreak affected 50 people across the United States as well as a Norovirus outbreak in Boston that caused around 140 people to fall ill. Chipotle’s stock prices have taken a hit, consumer confidence is at an all-time low. So how does Chipotle plan to make up for this?

Easy, they’re giving away free burritos once they open up.

According to the Chipotle website, they’re instituting a “raincheck” to anyone who’s lunch plans got screwed up by the meeting today. To get your free burrito this week, text “RAINCHECK” to 888-222 and the company will hook you up. Will it renew confidence in the brand for those who frequent it? Who knows. All we know is this, a free burrito can’t do any harm to anybody, especially if they’re in dire straits.