It’s been a while since we checked in with DC spitkicker Aye Yo Smiley. Almost too long to think about it. She released her Pretty Face, Potty Mouth mixtape on iTunes and then decided to up the ante a bit by releasing a video to “Put Da $ Down”. The different between Aye Yo Smiley when she first came into our radar some years ago and now is an assured confidence. “I’m picky as fuck but that’s nothing new,” she raps on “Put Da $ Down” a record that calls for money over everything else, flings and people doing their best to interrupt her progress. There’s nothing wrong with “Put Da $ Down” as a stand alone single. Pair it together with a video that makes Aye Yo Smiley look far more like a femme fatale who doesn’t want to be crossed, makes it just that better.

It’s kind of a thing for Latin rappers, especially female ones to assume La Madrina style power in their music videos. Its a personification of power and control. Aye Yo Smiley didn’t go the full route with it but when it comes to information about her, she may as well be better than any FBI agent in her native DC. Watch the “Put Da $ Down” from Aye Yo Smiley up top. Download her Pretty Face, Potty Mouth mixtape on here.