Last night’s Curb Your Enthusiasm parody on Saturday Night Live, the excellent ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ sketch reminded us of a few facts. One, the last new episode of Curb aired on September 11, 2011. Yes, almost five full years ago. What has Larry David done in the interim? Made a movie for HBO that was kind of like Curb, starred in a Broadway play and then some. Now, what does ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ do? It plays up to Larry David’s now classic Bernie Sanders impersonation and mixes it with David’s own hesitation as “Larry David”.

‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ turns into literally, one of the best ‘SNL’ sketches in quite sometime. Jay Pharaoh proves again that he’s a magician as a voice impersonator, pulling down a JB Smoove / Leon that’s so spot on, it’s uncanny. Cecily Strong is Susie in all of her foul-mouth splendor. Bobby Moynihan is Jeff trying to make sense of it all and much like an episode of Curb, “Bern Your Enthusiasm” proves that nothing can ever go Larry David’s way.

Even if he was 100% right about that hand sneeze thing.