Even if this is minor, it’s still news. We now have to add NXT Champion Finn Bálor to the list of WWE injuries. You know, the list that’s pretty much crippled WrestleMania plans and robbed plenty of fans of certain matchups. The WWE didn’t give much as to how long Bálor would be out but at least confirmed that he was out.

NXT Champion Finn Bálor suffered an ankle injury on Saturday during an NXT Live Event in Nashville, Tenn. According to WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann, “Finn Bálor suffered an ankle injury, and will be unable to compete tonight.”

The NXT Champion will undergo further evalution on Monday, Amann said.

Bálor’s injury reportedly took place during a match with Samoa Joe after he performed a double-stomp to the back of Joe’s head. If the injury occurred after the Coup de Gråce then hopefully it’s no more than a rolled ankle. That being said, the WWE can’t be too pre-cautious. Bálor even posted an image to his Twitter account of him on crutches. Which … aww man.

Bálor’s at least got until April’s NXT Takeover event in Dallas to be fully healed as the NXT tapings are already done through at least March maybe. So, if it’s anything serious with his ankle, he’s got some time at least. Let’s just hope it’s a small nick before we get Bálor vs. Joe II with Bálor missing both of his legs and still performing as The Demon.